Understanding Payouts at Online Casinos

Most of the payout reports at online casinos today are calculated by reputable organisations, such as eCOGRA for example. The average return-to-player payout percentage rate at an online casino is generally as low as 92%, but it can reach as much as 98%. This is generally calculated on a monthly basis and it is closely monitored by testing agencies and independent auditors.

If the casino has a return-to-player (RTP) payout rate of 94.4%, it basically means that 94.4% of all cash wagers made within the period in question will be returned to the players as winnings (on average) and the casino will pocket the remaining 5.6%. In some cases, online casinos have been known to have a 100%+ return to player payout rate.

Online casinos in general have a payout ratio, but their individual games will also have their own pay out rates and this information normally isn’t hard to find. You can find out the casino’s payout percentage rate somewhere on the homepage and when you load each game, you should be able to find this information in the options/settings or info section.

Although a slot for example might have a 98% payout rate, it doesn’t meant that if you spend $100 on any particular game that it is guaranteed to pay you back $98 in winnings. The results are still random and it is based on the entire wagers made in the casino from the wide community of players, not just on one person’s play.

There are even some players that tend to head for the casinos with 97/98%+ RTP, but it doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed to win more than players register to casinos with an average payout rate 92/93%.

eCOGRA monitors and frequently tests the payout rates at most of the casinos that we have reviewed on this site. Wherever you see the eCOGRA logo, we encourage you to click on the logo and this will bring up a more detailed analysis of these payout reports. eCOGRA is a UK based online casino testing agency that monitors various aspects of the.

Online Casino Tips

Below you'll find some helpful tips and recommendations in relation to playing at online casinos.

  • Try playing only at reputable online casinos such as those found featured here.

  • Non-US players should only play at casinos that old a license in a top licensing jurisdiction.

  • Take advantage of convenient banking methods first try using your Visa, MasterCard or Amex card.

  • To extend you game play try reducing the size of your bets you'll get more long term enjoyment.

  • Play a variety of games not just those that you're familiar with. Playing online makes doing so simple.

  • Opt for and play the download version of online casinos it's more secure and offers a better experience.

  • Limit the amount of money and time you spend playing at online casinos and always stick to it.