High Roller Online Casinos

A High Roller is basically a player who can wager vast sums of money on a regular basis and many of today's online casinos cater for high rollers in several different ways. The main benefit for being a high roller is the special welcome bonus that is usually available. This welcome bonus is generally worth much more than the standard welcome bonus, but to qualify for a high roller bonus, high rollers must deposit a great deal more than regular players, which are often referred to as low rollers.

Another great advantage to being a high roller at any of today's online casinos is the fact that the operators of the gambling portals generally pay special attention towards these players through their fantastic VIP programs. Being a high roller generally means that you can climb up the VIP ranks much quicker than a low roller and this is mainly down to the size of your average wager. You can earn more points-per-dollar-wagered when you play in the real cash mode and eventually, you will receive better perks and benefits.

High Roller Casinos have extremely high betting limits for players who are willing to place much larger stakes. You can often find that most of today's online slot machines for example allow you to spend as much as $500 for just one spin of the reels, or you can play one hand of blackjack for $500 or more.

Each online casino that we have reviewed on this site caters for high rollers. If you are having trouble finding out about the kind of benefits that you are entitled to, the best thing to do would be to contact the casinos customer support. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

High Rollers are also granted higher withdrawal limits and occasionally a personal accounts manager, plus you will have access to exclusive promotional offers that low rollers simply aren't offered. High Roller Casinos also usually provide high rollers with free access to certain online casino tournaments such as an online slot tournament or online blackjack tournament, plus you may also receive free entrance to certain prize draws as a high roller.

Some of our favourite high roller online casinos that we've featured reviews of here on CONRED.ORG are listed below.

Although the online casinos listed below may not feature any information directly about them being casinos that cater to high rollers they definitely are and should you contact them to inquire they'll let you know about various incentives and offerings they can provide you with in the event that you choose to play with them.

If this doesn't satisfy you we know of another great resource here: http://www.topcasinos.com/casino-types/high-roller-casinos.html that you can pay a visit to.

Online Casino Tips

Below you'll find some helpful tips and recommendations in relation to playing at online casinos.

  • Try playing only at reputable online casinos such as those found featured here.

  • Non-US players should only play at casinos that old a license in a top licensing jurisdiction.

  • Take advantage of convenient banking methods first try using your Visa, MasterCard or Amex card.

  • To extend you game play try reducing the size of your bets you'll get more long term enjoyment.

  • Play a variety of games not just those that you're familiar with. Playing online makes doing so simple.

  • Opt for and play the download version of online casinos it's more secure and offers a better experience.

  • Limit the amount of money and time you spend playing at online casinos and always stick to it.